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Cleaning epoxy floor

Epoxy floors are stronger, more durable, more resilient and chemically more resistant than conventional flooring systems. They will stand up to traffic for longer periods than concrete, wooden or tile subsurfaces.
The cleaner the floor is kept, the longer it will last.If not removed regularly, fine particles of dust, dirt, debris etc., act as abrasives with traffic.It is particularly important to keep clean the epoxy floors in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.
The selection of correct cleaning compounds and cleaning techniques are equally important factors of effective cleaning.

Using hand or mechanical scrubbing units; high-pressure water or steam equipment or mopping will usualy give very clean epoxy floors.

Epoxy floors are non-porous. They are relatively easy to clean because contaminants cannot penetrate the surface, they stay on top.
Epoxy floors will not be affected by most cleaning compounds if they are used properly and the floors rinsed thoroughly afterwards. However, as some cleaners contain chemicals which may be aggressive against low quality epoxy floors, e.g. water-based epoxy floors, (if cleaners are left on them for a longer period of time). It is advisable to perform a small cleaning test in an inconspicuous area prior to the general use of any cleaning product.
Using soft bristle scrub brushes, (either hand types or mechanical types) with appropriate cleaning compounds will be the best cleaning techniques.
After the surface has been scrubbed properly, particular attention must be paid to removing the resultant emulsion of the cleaning solution and soil. This is best achieved by thoroughly rinsing the surface with clean water and vacuuming it, or using a squeegee to remove the floor drains. It is recomended to do a second rinsing with clean water to minimize the possibility of leaving any residue.


Hand cleaning - The epoxy floor can be cleaned by a mop or bucket using cleanser.The floor finally must be rinsed with clean water .This method is recommended for cleansing small areas.
Washer Scrubber Dryer machines- This is recommended method because this machines are highly efficient applaying low foam cleanser with vacuum suction drying. Wet Vacuum pick up machines- This machines will wash the epoxy floor with great amount of water and cleanser and will dry the floor extreamly well leaving a clean dry surface.
Power Washing- This is highly effective method of cleaning the epoxy floor but at the end of cleeanig is difficult to remove the large amount of water wich may occur some sediment of dirt on the floor .
Steam Cleaning- Steam cleaner is not recomended for many epoxy floors.Steam temperature may cause many problems on thin epoxy floors.
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