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Why epoxy flooring is an excellent choice for your family games room.

If you`re planning to install safe, durable flooring for your family games room,
you`re probably already aware that many builders recommend epoxy flooring. You may
not realize, however, exactly what epoxy flooring is or why it`s considered such an
excellent choice, particularly for heavy-traffic areas such as a family recreation

Epoxy is a type of resin-based flooring that serves a multitude of purposes for a
wide variety of living/working spaces. Epoxy flooring covers a rough concrete or
wood floor with a smooth, protective layer that`s also low-maintenance. It not only
resists tough stains; it also beads water, so that clean-ups can be done with a
simple swipe or two. These water and stain resistant properties are especially
attractive in a games room where you don`t want to have to do extra maintenance.

In addition, epoxy adds a convenient skid-proof surface, so if you`re planning to
move heavy furnishings such as pool tables and jukeboxes to your games room, you
don`t have to worry about tearing up the floor.

When homeowners think of epoxy flooring, they may recall the old, dreary type of
hard, brittle flooring used in commercial buildings decades ago. The good news is,
today`s epoxy flooring is anything but boring and bland.

Many home do-it-yourselfers may not know this, but epoxy flooring can be fun. With
today`s styles and materials, you can implement all kinds of designs into the
flooring. If you have a favorite sports team logo, it can be installed, in
contrasting colors, right into the flooring.

If you still like the look of trendy tiles or colorful carpeting, you won`t have to
sacrifice your design scheme by using an epoxy floor. Modern epoxy flooring comes in
a wide range of colors and many types are even textured with flecks of stone.

Epoxy flooring can be installed over a variety of floor types, including concrete,
tile and wood. Additionally, it is treated to prevent fungus and mold spores from
spreading, which is always a concern in a refinished basement.

In the past, resin floors often chipped and cracked; if you`ve ever been in an old
commercial building that hasn`t been renovated, you`ll probably recall seeing chunks
pulled out of the flooring. That`s because the old types of hard flooring were made
of a brittle resin that was prone to cracks and peeling. Today`s epoxy floorings,
however, are made from a different type of resin that`s more flexible, so they`re
resistant to this type of breakage due to wear. Unlike older flooring, it won`t chip
if you drop things on it and it won`t peel in extreme temperature fluctuations.

One of the biggest worries people have when renovating a gaming room is how to keep
it safe from damage due to humidity and moisture. Today`s epoxy flooring is
specially treated so that it`s not just waterproof; it also bonds to the surface
underneath, whether it`s composed of drains, plumbing lines or anything else that
protrudes. By creating this tight seal, there`s less chance of any type of moisture
creeping in underneath the flooring and much less risk of damage due to dampness.

Whether you`re considering having pool dining tables, jukeboxes or other fun games room accessories, it`s important that you have solid flooring that`s strong enough to support even your heaviest recreation room furnishings. By installing epoxy flooring, you can rest assured that your floor will remain durable and dry, as well as attractive, all year round.

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