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Power tools for epoxy flooring

There are several reasons why epoxy flooring is the perfect option for homeowners and business owners alike. While there is a lot of work involved, the costs are kept low and the results will last for an extended amount of time. Professional flooring experts can get the job done for you, but it is possible to do all of the work yourself and save a little cash.

Power tools are used in preparation for the epoxy flooring. It takes time to create the right type of surface and mistakes can be costly. If the floors aren`t set up properly the epoxy will have a tough time adhering to the surface and the work may need to be repeated in order to get the desired results. Whether you own or rent power tools, they are a necessity to the preparation stages.

A wet or dry shop vac is one of the most useful tools a homeowner or business owner can have. It can work with both liquids and solids and does a great job of cleaning up all of the extra debris on the floor. Before starting the epoxy, the floors need to be completely cleaned. Sweep up everything from the floor and use the shop vac to get everything up. If you are using a power washer to rinse the space you can use the shop vac to get up the excess water that tends to pool in the corners.

If you already have flooring laid in this area you will need to pull it up before laying the epoxy. A floor stripper power tool removes the current materials on the floor. It works in a circular motion and removes surfaces like linoleum or wood from the floor. It is important to note that when using this power tool you will not be able to salvage the flooring you are pulling up. When the material is up, go over the surface once again with the shop vac.

The two previous power tools are necessary for the preparation stages and the walk-behind power floor scrubber is the same. This tool will make sure that the floors are sparkling before you proceed. If you have stains, sticky substances or even some textural changes made by different spills the power floor scrubber will get them up. This takes time so plan accordingly. You can start in one section of
the room and slowly make your way to the other corners. Cover your shoes so that when you walk back over the clean surface you aren`t dropping off any more new debris.

The biggest mistake made during the epoxy floor installation is leaving behind anything on the floors. You need to start out with a perfectly clean area to give the epoxy the best chance to adhere and create a more uniformed look. Once you are ready to epoxy the floors all of the work is done by hand, without the help of power tools.

As you collect these power tools to get your space ready for the change, be sure that each one is in good working condition and able to handle the task ahead. If you aren`t sure about some of the power tools or you know that one or two need to be repaired, don`t hesitate to search for Black
& Decker spare parts
to keep your tools in the best condition possible.


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