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Rescuing concrete floors from holes and adhesives
by Durall Industrial Flooring
As companies attempt to retrofit floor spaces walls, carpeting and vct tile are often removed or repositioned. As a result renovations often end up exposing large areas of adhesives, under laments, and spauling holes form anchors, studding and equipment. Now there is a solution with step by step instructions and help.

Often remodels can see no alternative but to reinstall similar adhesives and floor coverings like carpet and tile. Not only is this often expensive but provides pour ware and clean ability compared to hard Epoxy, Urethane and Glass emulsion services.
Even the most devastated floors can be brought up to level easy to maintain surfaces with hard long lasting seals that are attractive and cost effective. Renovators are often surprised how holes from old walls, and equipment stands can be made do disappear when filled with 100% solid epoxy and ground flush. The process is quick, easy and long lasting. Why would you fill with cheep cement products when you can get lasting results with the same or less labor, using epoxy fillers.

If concrete is exposed to ware it will eventually deteriorate. Friction ware, erosion, and contamination all can play a role in seeing a serviceable floor create problems. Dust, cracks, crumbling, ruff surfaces, and the inability to keep the environment clean are symptoms of a floor that has not been protected and is moving towards an unserviceable condition. Carpeting often hold your contaminants in place and can be a growth medium for mold and mildew. Vinyl tile can not hold up under heavy wheeled traffic, is subject o lifting when wet, and has a soft finish which too often is contaminated by solvents and dies.

Laminated coatings can create a ware barrier between a floor and its environment. These laminated services not only keep the concrete from warring but also provide a protective plate between it and its environment. Contaminants, and hazards, like PCB's heavy metals, toxic chemicals and the like are kept out to porous concrete with a protective plastic layer. If applied well these laminated surfaces can provide decades of protection and service.

Durall Industial Flooring has installed floors that have provided over a decade of ware in high activity industries like Printing. Multi million dollar presses need to run 24/7 to pay for their high investment costs. There is no opportunity for shut downs and repairs or resurfacing. Companies like Japs Olson Printing have decade old Durall floors that are used 24hours a day, an are still protecting the concrete from ware, and are providing a clearable slow dust environment. The same is true for Airlines, Food processing plants and Breweries served by Durall Industial Flooring.

If your industry requires long ware and service you need to do the job right the first time. You need to protect your investment in your floors, and your long-term ability to keep in production.

Professionals and amateurs alike can successfully install a quality floor. Visitors can obtain free, job-specific quotes on materials or nationwide turnkey installations by completing a simple questionnaire at This full-service concept allows anyone to enjoy the benefits of industrial strength floors successfully.

Durall Industial Flooring is different than others that make industrial flooring products. Instead of advising you to "apply to a clean surface" we are in the business of helping our clients to achieve that surface. Durall Industial Flooring, can provide adhesive removers, oil removing detergents, durable long lasting epoxy fillers for holes, joints, cracks, and crumbling surfaces. Durall provides factory-direct support for these products. Kits of materials are customized to owner specification and delivered directly to the job site. Kits include full directions and 24/7 help lines staffed by seasoned flooring experts. Durall Industial Flooring helps its clients restore floors to a smooth easy to maintain surfaces with over 500 specialty chemical cleaning and application products.

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About the author:

Durall Industial Flooring, has over 40 years of flow coated flooring experience. With over 500 specialty chemical products Durall Industial Flooring, provides 24/7 service hand help. Free cost analysis for each flooring project is available at

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