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Epoxy flaked floor- Seamless Flooring Chips

I'd like you to understand why I didn't put this kind of floor on the list of Epoxy floor types.When epoxy flaked floors are concerned, people usually have in their minds the image of the old-fashioned terrazzo floors.Yes, they look very much like them, but color chips or color flakes can be used in laying different epoxy floors.

To get a multi-colored flake floor, different color chips (mixed in advance) must be broadcast over the coating while it is still wet. This is just a technique in one of the phases of laying epoxy floors.

Colored chips are commonly used in the following cases:
-When painting the floor with epoxy
-When laying self-leveling epoxy floors
-When laying epoxy terrazzo

Optional but commonly:
If a transparent top coat is applied (in one or more layers ) it determines the final dazzling visual effect after the drying process is completed.

Advantages of Epoxy flaked floors:
Epoxy flaked floors play a special role in the interior design. The use of color flakes provide decorative floors that offer more than other ornamental products, and that is QUALITY.
Flake epoxy floors are very easy to keep clean, even with high-pressure water sprays.The slightly textured surface gives the floor good anti-skid qualities. This is especially important for areas where the floor gets wet like entry ways, and pool sides.
Color Flakes are supplied in many colors and different sizes, and the right color combination produces extraordinary effects.

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