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Epoxy Resin Systems - Health Hazard Summary

Epoxy Resin Systems-Health Hazard Summary
Table of contents:
. Are You Working With An Epoxy Resin System?
. What Is In An Epoxy Resin System?
. How Do Epoxies Enter And Affect Your Body?
. Tests For Exposure And Medical Effects
. Legal Exposure Limits
. Reducing Your Exposure
. Where Can You Get More Information
Health Hazard Summary: The most common effects of overexposure
to the chemicals used in epoxy resin systems are eye, nose, throat,
and skin irritation, skin allergies, and asthma. Chemicals in some epoxy
resin systems have additional health effects. Finished,hardened epoxy products are practically non-toxic unless they are cut, sanded, or burned.

Pages : 9
Size: 68 kb
Author :Hazard Evaluation System and Information Service
(Californian Department of Public Healt)

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