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IN-SITU Epoxy Coating for Metalic Pipe

This Document provides material and performance specification guidance for in-situ epoxy coating of metallic pipelines. In situ coating has been proven to be an effective means of controlling metallic corrosion and soluble metal release in piping systems. This provides the Army with a viable alternative to chemical treatment for drinking water systems.
There are a number of issues that need careful consideration when applying an in situ epoxy coating to existing steel or copper piping materials. Figure 1 outlines a flow chart that details the essential considerations for a successful job. Coatings applied to piping in drinking water systems must meet the guidelines in references (d) and (e). Detailed specifications for pre and post-bid inspection, application, and performance must be developed as outlined in reference (f). Water quality and flow rates in the system should be determined before initiating treatment.

Pages : 32
Size: 300 b
Author :Public Works Technical Bulletins are published by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Washington, DC.

IN-SITU Epoxy Coating for Metalic Pipe


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