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Chemical Resistant Elastomer-Modified Epoxy Siloxane Surfacer

With state and government regulation becoming more stringent, the
coating industry is looking for alternate technologies to improve or upgrade
coating formulation. Epoxy coatings have been used for industrial and marine
applications to protect steels and concrete from corrosive and chemical
environments, because they provide the excellent corrosion protection, excellent
adhesion to various substrates, high mechanical strength and the good
chemical resistance properties. Concrete is a common construction material used in chemical environments. However concrete is subject to cracking and permeable to
liquids and gases. Chemical resistant coatings or linings are needed to protect
concrete structures from chemical and corrosive deterioration. In order to
protect from a wide range of chemicals, epoxy coatings are the primary choice
for the protection of concrete floors and walls in chemical processing plants due
to a broad chemical resistance and excellent adhesion to substrates. The
coatings based on aromatic amine curing agents have been used in aggressive
chemical environments when the coatings require the broad range of
chemical resistance particularly to organic acids and strong solvents.
However the health effects of Methylene Dianiline (MDA), and most aromatic
amines, have limited the use of MDA based epoxy coatings.

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Author : Haruji Sakugawa

Chemical Resistant Elastomer-Modified Epoxy Siloxane Surfacer


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