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Stress Analysis in an Unidirectional Carbon/Epoxy Composite Material

An introduction of new technology follows the development and use of modern materials. Today, composite materials are the subject of an intensive
development and use. These materials have significantly better mechanical and other characteristics than their constituent elements. Properties of composite materials that make them more specific than other materials are: large strength, high stiffness, small density and mass, resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, the ability to create complex shapes. Most of composites are created in order to improve the combination of mechanical characteristics of materials, such as stiffness, toughness
and strength in conditions of environment influences, or at higher temperatures. These materials also have a considerable potential for absorbing kinetic energy
during crash [1]. The ability of these materials to meet the specific needs for different structures makes them highly desirable. Improvement in design, materials and
manufacturing technology enhance the application of composite structures.
Because of their extraordinary mechanical properties composite materials have an important application in aircraft constructions. The technology has been explored extensively for aerospace applications, which require high strength and stiffness to weight ratio [2]. Carbon/Epoxy composites are the most used composite materials in primary structures of the aircraft. They are usually used in a form of multilayer composites (laminates). For the implementation of composite materials in aviation, the most important feature is their behaviour on the dynamic loads and resistance to
fatigue [3]. Nowadays the amount of composite materials in modern aircraft constructions is increasing.

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Author : Dragan D. Kreculj
PhD student University of Belgrade ,Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Stress Analysis in an Unidirectional Carbon/Epoxy Composite Material


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