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Durability and Adhesion of a Model Epoxy Adhesive Bonded to Modified Silicon Substrates

The adhesion and durability of model epoxy/silane/SiO2/Si bonded systems were
investigated under various conditions, including the type of surface preparation, pH of the environmental media, temperature, cyclic thermal stress, and external applied stress. The fundamental debond mechanism was studied for bonded systems exposed to selected environments. The bond failure mode was characterized by examining the failed bond surfaces using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.
The effectiveness of combining the oxygen plasma treatment and silane coupling
agent (SCA) derivatization in adhesion promotion for an epoxy bonded to a silicon
surface was evaluated in this research. SCAs with different amine functionalities were studied. The oxygen plasma treatment time was varied systematically to achieve a different extent of oxidation on the Si wafer. The surface chemistry/composition of various silane derivatized Si surfaces was investigated. The studies revealed that SCA interaction with the Si surface was enhanced by the oxygen plasma pre-treatment of the Si substrates. XPS surface analysis results showed that the SCA/SiO2 ratio did not correlate strongly with the increase in oxygen plasma pretreatment time. However, for Si surfaces treated for longer oxygen plasma pretreatment times, more silanol groups may be available to interact with the hydrolyzed silanol groups on silane, resulting in a stronger SCA-Si attachment.
Three different tests were employed to determine adhesion and durability of the
model epoxy/SCA/SiO2/Si bonded specimens. The immersion test qualitatively evaluatesthe bond durability for various systems exposed to different chemical and thermal conditions.

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Author :Dingying Xu

Durability and Adhesion of a Model Epoxy Adhesive Bonded to Modified Silicon Substrates


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