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Garage Epoxy Floor

Garage epoxy floor is the choice of homeowners who want an attractive, long lasting and durable garage floor protection.The reason why epoxy garage floor is applied is to protect the concrete from wearing off, from oil, grease, vehicles, foot traffic, animal urine etc.Epoxy garage floor have an advantage over modular flooring systems because epoxy becomes "part" of the concrete. Modular floors "sit" above the concrete and are subject to the moisture, dirt, grease and oil that may seep through it.At the link below you can find some more useful informations about garage floor coverings:
Garage epoxy floor and other floor coatings

What type of epoxy to use for garage floor:

Epoxy floor paints are tough resins that come in two separate containers.
The best choice is always 100 percent solid epoxy, however if you intend to lay a "do it yourself" epoxy floor, you should take care about the pot life of the epoxy resins system. The pot life is the time that elapses before the applied product starts setting up and gets to the point when you can't apply it properly any more.
Solvent-based epoxies typically contain from 40 to 60 percent solids (epoxy). Solvents penetrate the epoxy mixture well enabling it to adhere to the surface in a satisfactory manner. These mixtures are often available in a wide range of colors. The solvents which are part of the epoxy resins system have a strong smell. You must ventilate the garage well and keep other people away from the odors.
Water-based epoxies also have two parts, and also contain 40 to 60 percent solids. The advantage of this type of epoxies is that they are easy to install and that no professional skill is needed to lay them. There are no hazardous solvent fumes. The only disadvantage is that it takes more time to harden than with other types of epoxy resin sytems.
Regardless of the type of the epoxy resins system applied, it is recommended that at least two coats of it be applied in order to get enough build for a long-term wear and durability. Epoxy with a higher solid content will make a thicker layer.

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