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Some Tips & Tricks when working with Epoxy

- Always consult your supplier for the best epoxy for your floor
- Use plastic foil, at least 1mm thick, near your working surface, to cover floor where
you mix epoxy, leave tolls etc.
- Use a proper size of a drill mixer and a slower gear of your drill mixer to mix epoxy
- If the epoxy is old always mix each component separately for approximately 1 min,
before putting all the components together
- Use a large enough bin with alcohol to clean your tools during the work with epoxy
- You can use the same alcohol a few times for cleaning your tools
- Always put hardener (B component) in resin (A component)
- Mix A+B epoxy resins for at least 1 minute
- Use as much precision scale as you can for measuring raisin and hardener weight. The best are digital electronic scales.
- Provide alcohol and clean clouts to clean smudge of epoxy spill outside the working
- When brushing concrete, strew some quartz sand 0, 1-0, 3 mm on working surface
for better cleaning of all kinds off smudges
- Use eye protection glasses
- Wear rubber gloves. You will probably have to throw them away after you have
finished working with epoxy
- You can heat the epoxy a bit, if it's too cold, but never come near the resin with
an open flame
- Heat the room if it's too cold. The air will raise the temperature of the floor surface a
- Separate your A resin from your B resin in your storage place
- The storage place must be cool and dry
- Do not expose epoxy to sunlight
- Only mix the amount of epoxy that you can use within the pot life
- Dispose of Epoxy waste properly

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