Epoxy Products

We have multiple epoxy products designed for concrete floors, countertops, or your craft project.  Just email us with your project information and we'll advise. 

We do not recommend 100% solids epoxy, our #1 product, to be applied directly to concrete flooring without a primer coat.  Please see our product page for more details.   


We apply epoxy and other coatings to concrete surfaces, both to residential and commercial applications.  We primarily focus on Central Indiana due to the travel distance from our facility in Indianapolis.   We typically grind the concrete surface and apply epoxy or other products based on the application and budget.  We only use top of the line products, no DIY products and nothing from Sherwin Williams, Behr or Rustoleum -- these are all DIY-grade products that we do not recommend using.   Contact us for much better commercial-grade products that you can depend on and be proud of. 

Please feel free to find a certified contractor below:  

Terre Haute Garage Floors
Terre Haute, Indiana
Brownsburg Garage Floors
Brownsburg, Indiana